3 Reasons why shopping for gifts online is the best idea

If you were born in the 80’s or the 90’s, you will remember just how shopping was done. If you had to buy something, you had to head out of the house and physically look for it. But then came the time where internet started taking over and online gift shops like Elegant Gift Gallery, Amazon and many others took over. There has been a lot of talk on this topic. Some say that the older ways of shopping for gifts were better while others rely on newer online mediums. We believe in the latter and this is why in this post we’ll tell you 3 important reasons why shopping for gifts online is better.

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Get Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want

With online gift shops, you don’t really have to limit yourselves to anything. Even if you’re sitting online at 2am and want a gift for your friends, you can get it easily. With 24 hour access and better shipping options, online shopping is obviously the better medium.

Delivery and Presentation Options

When you’re far away from your loved ones physically gifting something can be a problem. This is where online gift shopping helps you out. Get your gifts delivered right to your doorstep and additionally get better presentation options to make it even better than it already is.

Order with Ease

The best part about online gift shopping is that you can order it from anywhere at all. Order the best gifts from the comfort of your bed and let it reach your loved ones in time for their special day without even having to move a muscle.

With a few clicks here and there, online gift shopping is perhaps the best thing that happened to shopping enthusiast. Shop today at Elegant Gift Gallery to get your loved ones the perfect gifts.

5 gifts that are perfect for a married couple

What do you think is the one day that no individual can ever forget? Well, it’s definitely the wedding day for the bride or groom. Becoming one in Holy Matrimony is a blessing itself for both the partners and is something that you would want to make ever more special. Well, with the perfect gifts you can make sure there’s a huge smile on your friend’s face. The problem that most people usually face is when they don’t know what to gift their friends or where to buy them. Elegant Gift Gallery helps you out with this problem by providing you 5 gifts that would suit the groom, the bride or the couple itself. Let us have a look at these amazing products.

Wedding gifts

Something Blue Anklet – The Something Blue tradition has been going on for ages and holds a special place in the bride’s big day. Well, this Something Blue Anklet would suit just perfectly to any beautiful bride. Order it today with just a few clicks.

Mrs. Ceramic Tumbler – The first thing that the newlywed bride wants to change is the little things in the household. This beautiful Ceramic Tumbler with MR.S on it just might be the one thing that the bride is missing.

Off-White Bride Purse – Something to go with the beautiful dress can turn out to be one of the best gifts for the bride. Well, this Off-White Bride Purse just might be the one thing that you’re missing. Get it today to make the bride’s day.

Personalized Beer Growler – The one thing that’s hardest to find is the gift for the groom. An elegant and classy personalized Beer Growler just be the thing that you need. The initial can be personalized to the Groom’s and can be the one thing that makes your buddy smile on his big day.

Heart Mongram Silver Server & Two Forks Set – A gift that’s perfect for both the bride and the groom is the perfect gift for the wedding. This Heart Mongram Silver Server & Two Forks Set can be just right for the dinner table on the special night.

Order all of these products on a budget that you would love exclusively from Elegant Gift Gallery and make sure your friends spend their best day with the best presents.

Tutu Cute Birthday Party Favors

Tutu Cute birthday party favors by Kate Aspen. New tutu party favors for the little ballerina in your life. Elegant Gift Gallery has the latest tutu theme birthday party favors that hit the market.



Personalized 9 oz. Stemless Wine Glass – Tutu Cute

Personalized 9 Oz. stemless wine glass – Tutu Cute is a wonderful tutu party favor to give out at your tutu theme birthday party.


Tutu Cute Tulle Photo Frame

Tutu cute tulle photo frame came be used as decoration for your tutu theme birthday party or a lovely tutu party favor.


Tutu Cute Frosted Glass Votive (Set Of 4)

Tutu cute frosted glass votive will make a wonderful birthday party favor. This tutu theme party favor will bring out the ballerina in everyone.


Personalized Water Bottle Labels – Tutu Cute

Looking to give that personalized touch at your tutu birthday party. Give your guests a water bottle with these personalized water bottle labels – Tutu Cute.


Tutu Cute Place card Holders

Have your guests find there seats at your tutu theme birthday party with our lovely tutu cute place card holders.


Personalized Glass Coaster – Tutu Cute

Personalized glass coaster – Tutu Cute is a special tutu cute birthday party favor that will look great in any home.


Personalized 9 oz. Stemless Champagne Glass – Tutu Cute

Celebrate your tutu cute birthday with our personalized 9 Oz. stemless champagne glass – Tutu Cute.


Personalized Mini Mason Jar – Tutu Cute


Personalized Milk Jar – Tutu Cute

Little Prince Birthday Party Favors

Little Prince birthday party favors by Kate Aspen. New Prince party favors and designs for your little prince on his special day.



Little Prince Tealight Holder

Little Prince tealight holder for your prince themed birthday party.


Little Prince Photo Frame

Give your guests a little prince photo frame as a birthday party favor for your prince themed birthday.


Little Prince Kraft Favor Box

Fill your little Prince kraft favor box with goodies, fit for a Prince.


Personalized Gold Round Candy Tin – Little Prince

Personalized gold round candy tin – Little Prince design will be a great hit at your Prince themed birthday party.


Little Prince Crown Place Card Holders

Every Prince themed birthday party needs a little prince place card holder.


Little Prince Soap

Looking for a unique Prince birthday party favor? This little Prince soap favor is suited for a Prince.


Personalized 9 Oz. Stemless Wine Glass – Little Prince

Personalized 9 Oz. stemless wine glass – Little Prince is our best selling Prince party favor for all ages.


Personalized Glass Coaster – Little Prince

Little Princess Birthday Party Favors

Little Princess birthday party favors by Kate Aspen.  Check out the coolest new look for princess party favors and ideas.


Little Princess Photo Frame

Show off your Princess at your princess themed birthday party with these little princess photo frames.


Little Princess Kraft Favor Box

Fill these little Princess kraft favor boxes with goodies that would make any little Princess happy.


Personalized Party Straw Flags – Little Princess

Personalized party straw flags – Little Princess. These go great with mason jars or milk bottle favors.


Little Princess Crown Place Card Holders

Every Princess themed birthday party needs a little prince place card holder.


Personalized Mini Glass Favor Jars – Little Princess


Personalized Gold Round Candy Tin – Little Princess

Personalized gold round candy tin – Little Princess design will be a great hit at your Princess themed birthday party.


Personalized Milk Jar – Little Princess


Personalized 9 Oz. Stemless Wine Glass – Little Princess

Personalized 9 Oz. stemless wine glass – Little Princess is our top selling Princess party favor.


Personalized Glass Coaster – Little Princess

New Metallic Foil Birthday Party Favors & Decor By Event Blossom

Elegant Gift Gallery is pleased to announce our new line of Metallic Foil Birthday Party Favors & Decor!

In addition to our popular items like mason jars, candy wrapper covers, and lip balm tubes, we also have new glitter items that will bring sparkle to any birthday!

Glitter Crown Clips
A princess party must have! Use these Glitter Crown Clips for the birthday girl or pass them out to all the princesses in attendance.

Glitter 1st Birthday Party Hats
These adorable Glitter Hats are great for photos for birthday invites or thank yous or to don while taking that first bite of birthday cake.

Glitter Flag Labels
Add a little sparkle to your party decor by adding these Glitter Flag Labels to straws, cupcakes, or cake toppers!

Glitter Spoons & Forks
Our Glitter Spoons & Forks will add just the glitz & glam a dessert bar needs!

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New Silk Wedding Fans

Hello Elegant Gift Gallery Followers!

Did you know in addition to our newly introduced Colored Paper Silk Wedding Fans, we also have brand new wedding fan colors? We feel our customers will love the idea of floating down the aisle accompanied by a cool refreshing breeze. Ideal for a spring or summer event when everyone knows temperatures can go from sunny and mild to blazing and humid in the blink of an eye or to add to an Asian themed event. We have 9 bright new colors that pop, along with our already popular Blue, Pink, and white.  Silk wedding fans can make stunning place card holders as well, simply add a place card made of thin paper and weave it through the bamboo stems or open up the fan and place the name card on top.


Photos by Event Blossom

                                                                                                         Silk Wedding Fans: New Colors

New-Color-Chart (1)

Photos by Event Blossom

Fans can make stunning place card holders as well, simply add a place card made of thin paper and weave it through the bamboo stems or open up the fan and place the name card on top.


Photo by Event Blossom

5 Fun Groomsmen Gifts for Beer Lovers

As the groom, you may not have as many responsibilities as the bride, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. A must on your wedding to-do list is to get groomsmen gifts for all the guys in your wedding party. The big question is–what should you get? If your wedding party is full of beer-lovers, read on for some fun groomsmen gifts that fit this hobby. Click on the pictures to find where to buy them.

Fun Groomsmen Gifts: Personalized Bottle Opener

Personalized Silver Plated Bottle Opener from Elegant Gift Gallery

When you love drinking out of a bottle, it’s always important to have a bottle opener handy. Why not get the groomsmen a personalized bottle opener?

Fun Groomsmen Gifts: Beer Mug

Personalized Gunmetal Mug with Pewter Medallion from Elegant Gift Gallery

Pint glasses are fun, but nothing beats drinking beer out of a stein. Pick up a personalized beer mug for the old-fashioned beer-lover.

Fun Groomsmen Gifts: Beer Koozie

Personalized Koozie with Medallion from Elegant Gift Gallery

A cool way to keep your hands warm and your beer cold: a beer bottle koozie. Personalize it to up your game for the groomsmen gift.

Fun Groomsmen Gifts: MLB Beer Mugs

Personalized MLB Mug with Medallion from Elegant Gift Gallery

Do your beer-loving groomsmen also love sports? If you’ve bonded over your favorite MLB sports team, then pair the two hobbies together with an MLB beer mug.

Fun Groomsmen Gifts: Beer Flight Set

Personalized Beer Flight Set from Elegant Gift Gallery

There are beer drinkers, and then there are beer connoisseurs. If your groomsmen have discerning tastes in beers, get them a beer flight set. This way, they can taste all of their favorite local and craft beers.

What will you get your beer-loving groomsmen?

Use This Cool Tool to Help Pick Your Wedding Color Palette

One of the many decisions you make when planning a wedding is what color scheme you’ll go with. There are so many wedding color palettes to choose from, the prospect of picking one out can be a bit overwhelming. If you want to choose an artistic palette but don’t know where to start, we have you covered! Using this cool tool will make finding fun wedding color palettes easy.

Wedding Color Palette GeneratorGo to DeGraeve.com and use their Color Palette Generator. Rather than picking from a premade palette, you can come up with your own based on a photograph. Use any picture you find on the Internet to come up with a cool palette.

Wedding Color Palette Generator: Van Gogh's Starry NightFor instance, if you love the colors of a certain painting, you can find a link to it on the Internet and plug it into the palette generator. Here, I used Van Gogh’s Starry Night for inspiration. The generator automatically came up with two color palettes to match the painting.

Wedding Color Palette Generator: SunsetIt doesn’t have to be a painting, though. If you want your wedding to be reminiscent of a sunset, find a sunset picture online and use that.

Wedding Color Palettes: FallYou can even use pictures from other people’s weddings as your inspiration.

As you’re planning your wedding, collect any pictures that you love and that inspire you. Plug them into the generator to come up with your favorite wedding color palette.

Once you’ve picked out your favorite color palette, you can now use this when planning your wedding. Pick colors from the palette for wedding reception table centerpieces, groomsmen boutonnieres, cake accent colors and more.

What picture will you choose for your inspiration?

5 Inspiring Pretty Pink Wedding Cakes

When you’re picking out the main color theme for your wedding, you’ll want to consider everywhere you could use that color. For instance, if you’re having a pink wedding, you’ll probably want a pink wedding cake to go with it.

There are many ways to rock a pink wedding cake at the event. While you could have an entirely pink cake, you could also do something a bit more subtle. Read on for five inspiring cakes you could have at your pink wedding.

Fully Pink Wedding Cake

Image via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Love pink? Why not go all out! This cake is covered in pale pink fondant. A few silver accents help class up the design.

Pink and White Wedding Cake

Image via Burnetts Boards

If a fully pink cake seems like a bit much, add in another color. Here, the cake is half pink and half off-white.

White and Pink Wedding Cake

Image via Pinterest

Sometimes you want a more traditional wedding cake. In this cake, pink is included just as an accent color.

Gray and Pink Wedding Cake

Image via Sugar Couture

What if you have more than one color for your wedding? For instance, this wedding cake is great for a gray and pink color palette with a dash of gold.

Pink Wedding Cake with White Frosting

Image via All Things Soft and Beautiful

This traditional white wedding cake holds a secret. When you cut the cake, you’ll find layers of pink. This is great for those who want a very understated pink theme to their wedding.

What pink cake suits your wedding the best?