7 Simple Tips to Make You A Star Party Host

From a best friend’s birthday party to a baby shower for your sister, even a small get together takes days of preparation, planning, arrangements and buying stuff. But what’s the level of creativity that can let everyone have the time of their life? And yet not disturb your year’s budget is often a question mark for people who have not already learnt from their mistake and in fact have never arranged a party. Are you trying to change the previous impressions or create a new one? Then throwing a good party can definitely let people see a new good side of you.

Warning: If you follow these party planning tips, you might have your friends calling your frequently for event planning advices. So, make sure to make time for that:


1. Understanding Themes

For years now, themes have become a big thing in suburban households and as simple as it seems to DIY experts of years now, it may seem too big to handle for others. Therefore, if you are going for a theme, you will need at least a week to arrange your theme party. The time duration also depends on where you live and how easy it is to get services in your area. Don’t send fancy invites to your friends, until you have all things covered.

Important tip about themes: It will cover everything from music to party decorations. It is better to make a list of all the changes that you will need to make in the surroundings. Also, be realistic about if you have enough space for the party décor to look good and not too stuffed.

2. Think about your Guests

For one day at your home, it is all about making others happy. Every party is different mainly because of the guests that are going to get together. In order to make them comfortable, your list will help you decide, what theme you can go with, which food cuisine will be liked and how much relaxed or formal environment you will need for the party.

3. Ask for Help

Everyone has friends and neighbors who are good at the arrangement stuff and there is no harm in asking for help. When the host try to take on all the burden, recovery from the last minute mess gets more difficult. You are lucky because there are lots of services and community platforms where you can go and pick ideas yet it is not worth missing on the physical help that will make the party and even the preparations more memorable.

4. Give your Guests Choices

Choices even in the small aspects make people a lot more comfortable and appreciate the time. Things like different sitting arrangements, choices in drinks and appetizers will actually play well in making your guests get involved in the party. If you are in a mood to make it really special, research on your friend’s taste in music and include their favorites in the playlist

5. Use Apps

A smart party planner today can’t exist without the help of smart apps. That’s one of the things when you can count on the online help. So, moving forward from the plain ideas, you can get recipes, places where you can shop these ideas and even can get the recipes of cocktails that are new, refreshing and there’s no chance that your friends won’t love it. Try apps like Speakeasy Cocktails and that might save you the expense of a professional bar tender.

6. Manage Time

You can’t let them roam in your living space, looking for something to do because that will bore them. Planning about how your guests will spend time besides chatting with each other is something that only smart planners will do. Those games that you see in TV series are not that fictional and even if your mates from work are coming, you can still try fun ideas which will let you discover the new side of each other and will also be good time spent.

7. Final Gestures are Gifts

Your final shot to make it memorable for a long time are gifts. There is a great range of meaningful party favors that you can for without stretching your budget too much. While most people would think that giving every guest the same gift will be easy and more appropriate, if peeps at the party are not of same age the common idea won’t apply. Don’t worry, you won’t have to think a lot when you will see our consciously picked and designed collection of items that all says party favors, be it for anything.

Sure, you can start making the guest list now, because you know how to be a rocking host!