5 Fun Groomsmen Gifts for Beer Lovers

As the groom, you may not have as many responsibilities as the bride, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. A must on your wedding to-do list is to get groomsmen gifts for all the guys in your wedding party. The big question is–what should you get? If your wedding party is full of beer-lovers, read on for some fun groomsmen gifts that fit this hobby. Click on the pictures to find where to buy them.

Fun Groomsmen Gifts: Personalized Bottle Opener

Personalized Silver Plated Bottle Opener from Elegant Gift Gallery

When you love drinking out of a bottle, it’s always important to have a bottle opener handy. Why not get the groomsmen a personalized bottle opener?

Fun Groomsmen Gifts: Beer Mug

Personalized Gunmetal Mug with Pewter Medallion from Elegant Gift Gallery

Pint glasses are fun, but nothing beats drinking beer out of a stein. Pick up a personalized beer mug for the old-fashioned beer-lover.

Fun Groomsmen Gifts: Beer Koozie

Personalized Koozie with Medallion from Elegant Gift Gallery

A cool way to keep your hands warm and your beer cold: a beer bottle koozie. Personalize it to up your game for the groomsmen gift.

Fun Groomsmen Gifts: MLB Beer Mugs

Personalized MLB Mug with Medallion from Elegant Gift Gallery

Do your beer-loving groomsmen also love sports? If you’ve bonded over your favorite MLB sports team, then pair the two hobbies together with an MLB beer mug.

Fun Groomsmen Gifts: Beer Flight Set

Personalized Beer Flight Set from Elegant Gift Gallery

There are beer drinkers, and then there are beer connoisseurs. If your groomsmen have discerning tastes in beers, get them a beer flight set. This way, they can taste all of their favorite local and craft beers.

What will you get your beer-loving groomsmen?

Use This Cool Tool to Help Pick Your Wedding Color Palette

One of the many decisions you make when planning a wedding is what color scheme you’ll go with. There are so many wedding color palettes to choose from, the prospect of picking one out can be a bit overwhelming. If you want to choose an artistic palette but don’t know where to start, we have you covered! Using this cool tool will make finding fun wedding color palettes easy.

Wedding Color Palette GeneratorGo to DeGraeve.com and use their Color Palette Generator. Rather than picking from a premade palette, you can come up with your own based on a photograph. Use any picture you find on the Internet to come up with a cool palette.

Wedding Color Palette Generator: Van Gogh's Starry NightFor instance, if you love the colors of a certain painting, you can find a link to it on the Internet and plug it into the palette generator. Here, I used Van Gogh’s Starry Night for inspiration. The generator automatically came up with two color palettes to match the painting.

Wedding Color Palette Generator: SunsetIt doesn’t have to be a painting, though. If you want your wedding to be reminiscent of a sunset, find a sunset picture online and use that.

Wedding Color Palettes: FallYou can even use pictures from other people’s weddings as your inspiration.

As you’re planning your wedding, collect any pictures that you love and that inspire you. Plug them into the generator to come up with your favorite wedding color palette.

Once you’ve picked out your favorite color palette, you can now use this when planning your wedding. Pick colors from the palette for wedding reception table centerpieces, groomsmen boutonnieres, cake accent colors and more.

What picture will you choose for your inspiration?

5 Inspiring Pretty Pink Wedding Cakes

When you’re picking out the main color theme for your wedding, you’ll want to consider everywhere you could use that color. For instance, if you’re having a pink wedding, you’ll probably want a pink wedding cake to go with it.

There are many ways to rock a pink wedding cake at the event. While you could have an entirely pink cake, you could also do something a bit more subtle. Read on for five inspiring cakes you could have at your pink wedding.

Fully Pink Wedding Cake

Image via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Love pink? Why not go all out! This cake is covered in pale pink fondant. A few silver accents help class up the design.

Pink and White Wedding Cake

Image via Burnetts Boards

If a fully pink cake seems like a bit much, add in another color. Here, the cake is half pink and half off-white.

White and Pink Wedding Cake

Image via Pinterest

Sometimes you want a more traditional wedding cake. In this cake, pink is included just as an accent color.

Gray and Pink Wedding Cake

Image via Sugar Couture

What if you have more than one color for your wedding? For instance, this wedding cake is great for a gray and pink color palette with a dash of gold.

Pink Wedding Cake with White Frosting

Image via All Things Soft and Beautiful

This traditional white wedding cake holds a secret. When you cut the cake, you’ll find layers of pink. This is great for those who want a very understated pink theme to their wedding.

What pink cake suits your wedding the best?

Should I Follow the Wedding Registry?

There are so many aspects to wedding etiquette, it’s hard to keep track. One debate we’ve seen a lot lately is all about the wedding registry. As a guest, do you have to follow the wedding registry, or can you get the couple something they didn’t ask for?

Should I Follow the Wedding Registry?

Image via momboleum

Before you make your decision, read our reasoning for following the registry or going your own way.

Why You Should Follow the Wedding Registry

  1. They have very specific needs. Usually, wedding registries are full of things the couple really need. They’re not asking for that toaster or blender just for fun. If no one follows the registry, they’ll have to buy all of those things themselves.
  2. You run the risk of duplication. One of the best things about a wedding registry is that it helps avoid gift duplication. When you don’t follow it, the bride and groom might just end up with five of the exact same teapot.
  3. The couple has spent a lot on this event. A big anti-registry excuse we hear a lot is how expensive these gifts can be and how asking for gifts can seem like bad form. One thing you have to keep in mind is the cost of the wedding. Paying for and planning a wedding is not cheap or easy. Gifts are a way to thank the couple for all the food and fun you get to experience as a guest.

When It’s Okay to Ignore the Registry

  1. The bride and groom don’t have one! Some couples just aren’t into having a wedding registry. In that case, you don’t need to worry about it! Just know that just because they don’t have a registry doesn’t mean they don’t want gifts. Only come empty-handed if the invite explicitly says “No Gifts.”
  2. The registry is just a suggestion. Sometimes, the couple will say that their registry is just a suggestion. These are usually couples that like a bit of a surprise. The registry helps those who don’t want to put much thought into the gift while creative gift-givers can still get them something special.
  3. It’s a non-traditional wedding for a unique couple. Are they having the wedding while on a camping trip? Or perhaps it’s a small courthouse wedding and a small dinner instead of a reception? We all know an unconventional couple. These people will love a gift that isn’t from the registry.

If all else fails, you can always ask if they’re alright with a gift not from the registry. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Will you be following the registry the next time you go to a wedding?

How to Incorporate Your Baby Into Your Wedding

These days, it’s common for families to already have young members before the wedding commences–whether because of a blended family or a late-in-the-relationship wedding ceremony.

How to Incorporate Your Baby Into Your Wedding

Image via fraew

But what do you do if you want to incorporate your baby into your wedding? After all, it’s essential to have all important members of the family involved. Read on to learn how!

  1. Consider the age and abilities of your baby during the wedding. How old will she be once you say “I Do?” Will she be old enough to walk unaided? If not, consider having another family member walk her down the aisle or an older sibling pull her in a wagon.
  2. Consider his temperament. If your baby is naturally passive and quiet, he will probably have an easier time than a finicky baby. Take his personality into consideration before you make your decision.
  3. Appoint a responsible family member or friend as a baby-minder. You’ll be busy with the wedding. When your baby gets tired and needs a nap, have a friend take her away to a quiet area in the church or reception hall.
  4. Plan pictures during the best part of the day. You know by now when your baby is most cranky. If he can’t sit still in the early afternoon, skip that time for posed photographs.
  5. Have a Plan B. While you may have the best of intentions when incorporating your baby in your wedding, things don’t always go as planned. If your baby is resistant to being pulled in a wagon or doesn’t want to toddle down the aisle with a handful of rose petals, fall back to your plan B. In this case, make your baby’s role either easy to replace or simple to remove.

Have you had your baby in your wedding before and have any extra tips? Let us know in the comments!

5 Funny Cake Toppers for a Laid Back Wedding

You’re known by all of your friends as the funny couple. You’re sweet and affectionate toward each other, but aren’t afraid to poke a little fun.

If this sounds like you, then you may want to go for funny cake toppers rather than the traditional (and boring) objects that normally perch atop the cake. Read on for some inspiration.

Funny Cake Toppers: High Five

High Five Cake Topper from Elegant Gift Gallery

Always high-fiving each other? Then this high-fiving cake topper could be a good fit. This is for the couple that always acts like a team.

Funny Cake Toppers: Who Wears the Pants

Bride “In Charge” Cake Toppers

If the bride’s always saying that she’s “the one that wears the pants” in this relationship, why not show it in the cake topper?

Funny Cake Toppers: Cell Phones

Cell Phone Fanatic Cake Topper from Elegant Gift Gallery

Are you two known for always being on your cell phones? Get a cake topper that shows off your bad habit.

Funny Cake Toppers: Frog Prince

Princess Bride Kissing Frog Cake Topper from Elegant Gift Gallery

Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince.

Funny Cake Toppers: Pinching Butt

“The Love Pinch” Cake Topper from Elegant Gift Gallery

What if you want to be more subtle for your tradition-loving guests? This cake topper looks normal from the front, but funny in the back.

What will you put on top of your wedding cake?

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Out Bridal Shower Favors

The wedding isn’t the only event you have to look forward to as a bride, bridesmaid or maid of honor. Before the bride walks down the aisle, there’s another important event to plan: the bridal shower!

Bridal Shower Favors: Why You Should Have Them

“Time Time” Heart Tea Infuser From Elegant Gift Gallery

As you’re planning your wedding, there are a few (many, actually!) decisions that you have to make. While you’re planning the reception, one question will inevitably come up: “Should I Give Out Wedding Favors?” While that answer could go either way, there are a few reasons why Wedding favors are a good choice. Read on for our list!

5 Reasons to Have Bridal Shower Favors

  1. It’s a tradition. If you’ve been to many bridal showers, you’ve no doubt noticed that favors were given out to guests at most–if not all–of them. It’s a tradition in the bridal world. If you’re a fan of tradition and don’t want to disappoint etiquette-loving guests, then you should definitely hand out bridal shower favors.
  2. They can tie in the theme. Most bridal showers have some type of theme. If you want to carry that theme through the event even more, pick bridal shower favors that fit the party. For instance, heart-shaped tea infusers, like pictured above, are great for a tea party bridal shower.
  3. It can make the party even more fun! Having games at your bridal shower? Give larger favors away as prizes for those who win the games.
  4. They’re bringing gifts for you–why not return the favor? Though bridal shower favors are indeed a tradition, bridal shower gifts that the guests bring the bride are even more traditional. Since the bride will be getting gifts, say thank you by giving some to the guests as well.
  5. You’ll leave the guests feeling great. Most people like getting gifts. Not only will a bridal shower favor make your guests feel great, but they’ll also remember your shower fondly for years to come.

Will you be giving out favors at your bridal shower?

Should You Have a Wedding Dress Code? We’ll Help You Decide!

Wait before you send those save-the-dates or wedding invitations–you have a decision to make first. You’ll need to ask yourself: Should I have a wedding dress code?

Should you have a wedding dress code?

Image via ereyesleblanc

In the past, a dress code was necessary. They’d let guests know if they should come in formal attire (think gowns and tuxedos) or more casual outfits. These days, there are some arguments on whether wedding dress codes are passe. If you’re stuck on this decision, read on for some serious pros and cons.

Why You Should Have a Wedding Dress Code

  1. You’ll avoid misunderstandings or embarrassing moments. Just because you’re having an outdoor wedding doesn’t mean that flip-flops are a great choice for footwear. By saying something like “casual chic” for your dress code, this’ll avoid guests dressing down too much and feeling like they made a faux pas.
  2. It’ll make dressing for your unconventional wedding much easier. If you’re having a beach wedding or a barn wedding, guests may not know what to wear. After all, they may never have been to a wedding like yours. Help them out by describing a dress code in the invitations.
  3. You want absolute control over your wedding. While you wouldn’t describe yourself as a “bridezilla,” you still don’t want any surprises on your big day. In this case, a wedding dress code is a must.

Why You Should Ditch the Dress Code

  1. Most people already know how to dress for a wedding and already have outfits on hand. Anyone who’s been to a wedding before knows the standard dress code. For a traditional wedding, you needn’t describe what your guests should wear. They’ll know! And if they don’t know, they’ll probably ask you anyway.
  2. Complicated wedding dress codes can confuse your guests. Your Great Aunt Hattie won’t understand a Beach Chic dress code anyway. Remove the confusion by abolishing the dress code altogether.
  3. You just don’t care what your guests wear. You’re an unconventional bride having a non-traditional wedding. Perhaps it’s in your own backyard with a small group of friends. Or maybe you just want your guests to show up as how they usually look–and not a dressed up version. Don’t worry about a dress code!

As you can see, having a dress code depends on your unique wedding and what you expect from your guests. What will you do?

How to Pick a Wedding Date

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Now that you know you’re going to get married, you have one of the very first decisions you have to make: you have to pick a wedding date. You can’t book a location, hire a caterer or any of the other dozens of tasks on your wedding to-do list until you make this key decision.

How to Pick a Wedding Date

Image via MightyBoyBrian

But how do you pick a wedding date that works for you? After all, you don’t want to pick a date that ends up conflicting with other things, reducing the amount of guests that can attend. Read on for some essential steps for choosing a great wedding date.

  1. Choose your ideal season. You can narrow down your potential wedding dates by picking a season. Summer is the most common for weddings, which means you might have a harder time finding locations with availabilities. When you pick a season, consider the weather in your area for that time. You might want to avoid an outdoor wedding during hurricane season, for example.
  2. Skip a weekday wedding. In almost all cases, weekday weddings are a mistake. Your guests may have other obligations during this time, and there’s a good chance they’ll leave the reception early because they work the next day. Stick with the weekend instead.
  3. Avoid any holidays. As you’re narrowing down the search for the perfect wedding date, look at a calendar with all important holidays. If you pick a wedding date during a time when most people are out of town, like Labor Day, you’re going to have a limited number of RSVPs.
  4. Give yourself enough time to prepare. You’re excited. You want your big day to come now. Still, the wedding planning process can take a long time. It can be really difficult to plan a wedding in less than 6 months, and a year is an ideal time frame. Consider this when picking a date.
  5. Pick a date that means something to you. Perhaps it’s the first day you met or the anniversary of your first date. If you pick a date that has special meaning, that’ll make your big day even more special.
  6. Talk to the most important guests. No matter what happens, there’s a short list of people that you need to have at your wedding, like your parents and best friend. Before you finalize a date, make sure that your VIP list can make the wedding on that day.

What day will you choose?

5 Fun Wedding Dress Codes for a Creative Ceremony

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to go with the traditional ceremony and reception. While a classic white wedding is good for some, it can be much too constricting for creative types. And, if you’re having a non-traditional wedding, why not have a unique wedding dress code for your guests?

If you’re looking for something different, read on for 5 fun wedding dress codes for your big day. Just list these on your wedding’s save-the-date or invites to let your guests know what to wear for the event.

Beach Chic Wedding Dress Code

Image via Mod Wedding

Getting married in the sand? Ask your guests to dress in Beach Chic. This is all about breathable fabrics and light, pale colors. The men could rock light, linen pants and the women could wear pale yellow sundresses. This is one of the few occasions where guests are allowed to wear white to the wedding.

Roaring Twenties Wedding Dress Code

Image via danani on Etsy

Whether inspired by The Great Gatsby or you’re just a fan of the era, a Roaring Twenties dress code could add some serious magic to your wedding. Let your guests know that anything 20s-inspired is welcome at the wedding, whether a beaded drop-waist flapper dress or a gangster-style suit.

Black and White Wedding Dress Code

Image via Annasinclair and Etsy

A Black and White dress code is an easy yet unique one to ask of guests. Most people have something black or white (or both!) in their wardrobe. Plus, it’s a chic dress code that will look great in photographs.

Costume Party Wedding Dress Code

Image via Jessicajessicax

A Costume Party dress code is a must if you’re having a Halloween or themed wedding. You could ask guests to come in any costume they’d like, or you could narrow the theme even more. Superhero or zombie wedding, anyone?

Cowboy Chic Wedding Dress Code

Image via Tammy McGary

Love the country or the ranch? Then go with a Cowboy Chic dress code. This can be similar to a traditional wedding dress code, but the girls can wear cowboy boots with their dresses and the guys can reach for the bolo tie. Cowboy hats welcome!

What unique dress code speaks to you the most?