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Wine Charm Favors

You’re at a party; drinking a glass of wine and for some reason you set your glass down. When you go back to pick it up there are several other wine glasses that look exactly the same, and you’re left wondering which one is yours. We’ve all been there before. Don’t let this unfortunate situation happen to your wedding guests! Choose wine charm favors from, and your guests won’t ever have to play the guessing game, which drink is mine.

Wedding wine charms are elegant, decorative and can be used for years to come. At you’ll find we have a vast selection of Murano glass wedding wine charms, classic wine charms, themed wine charms and more! We have such a great selection that you may have trouble deciding which wine glass charms are perfect for your wedding, but that’s ok. Many of our wine charms favors can be bought in sets as low as 8, so you can mix and match to create the perfect wine wedding favors for your wedding!

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